A shooting star flashed across the night sky
Vaporized; petered out somewhere near Orion
Too late to make a wish; all he did was sigh,
Wistful yet hopeful, gazing at the horizon...
In the east a quarter moon, yellow but pale,
Arose but quickly hid behind low, puffy layers
Of dark stratocumulus riding in a stiff gale;
As shadows evoked witches and soothsayers!
But the wind blew the clouds; Selene forgave!
The golden crescent shone from borrowed light
Reflecting its stolen sheen on every tiny wave,
As rain-soaked leaves glistened in the night...
The stars and constellations lit the heavens
As a swarm of fireflies twinkled amid the trees
In the stillness of the night, a magical presence,
An enchanting serenity whispered by the breeze...
Alas! Deceptive, the tranquility of the night
For deep in the dark woods, there lurks danger
All forest creatures are wary and out of sight
Up in the trees, lies in wait, a hungry hunter...
An owl swooped down, quickly yet stealthily
Its sharp talons caught an unsuspecting hare
As crickets, high-pitched, chirped endlessly
A numbing lullaby for varmints in their lairs...
Towards dawn, Venus neared the crescent moon
Seemingly chased by Mars across the starlit sky
An omen to star-crossed lovers in an ancient rune
Silently, he watched as another meteor flew by!
Out in the east, a muted light in the skyline
Not a faint hope; but a sure promise of tomorrow
Soon, the dark night will surrender to sunshine
And in the blue sky, he’ll see a golden sparrow
© Vic A Evora


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alrededor de 2 años

Spectacular - highlighting the light of the night!

alrededor de 2 años

@Delilah: Again, many thsnks Laila.

J Ann Crowder
más de 4 años

Beautiful imagery! You'd be so good at writing a novel as well. You are very good at bringing your audience into the scene.

más de 4 años

Thanks Jenifer. Unfortunately, I doubt I have the patience or the fortitude to write something that long.

más de 4 años

Thanks Robert. I'll try it.

Robert L. Martin
más de 4 años

Very very good. You should send this poem to a big publisher. You can find one on this web site. I got a few poems published in this one.

más de 4 años

Thank you...

D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
más de 4 años

I really enjoyed this and the last line was the cherry on top.

más de 4 años

Thanks Ben... Glad you like it.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
más de 4 años

Beautiful poem, a joy to read. The optimism gladden's the heart!

casi 5 años

First, thank you for liking and faving!!!

WOW! Amazing! That was a brilliant analysis and I know I could not have come up with a better one. My girlfriend asked me what the poem was about. Now I could just tell her to read your analysis. Many thanks.

Yes I have put in myself as a voyeur, initially disappointed but quite happy with the coming of sunrise. The Golden Sparrow is from Indian mythology and is a harbinger of good things. (And of course, it rhymes with "tomorrow") :) :) :)

Parker Jennings
casi 5 años

Loved it. Such a journey across the night, with the beginning starting at dusk and the poem ending with the break of sunrise. This is classic poetry at its finest.The very first line, a shooting star flashing across the night sky... I believe that shooting star is representative of us, the audience, being taken on a journey throughout the different stages and emotions of night.So who is this sighing man, who missed his opportunity to make a wish. I bet $5 it's Vic. Vic you wrote yourself in this poem, I swear it.Anyway, the poem is fueled by the romantic notions of night until the third stanza, which turns that idea around and says that we, the audience, have been deceived! There are predators lurking in the night. Fear and survival baby. However, rather than resorting to catatonic fear and paranoia, the varmint victims (allusion to us human beings as well) are lulled to sleep by the reassurance of the promise of a future and the mantra of "life goes on" (represented by the chorus of crickets, who are themselves ultimate victims...yet they find a way to sing).Very reassuring Vic.The last stanza is one of hope, new chances, and romance, the ultimate gifts of the night. The Roman God Allusion of Venus and Mars as star-crossed lovers. Love is the ultimate pursuit, and since they are both planets, they'll forever be in pursuit of each other. Romantic stuff.
The presence of another meteor and the rising sun is the new chance to make up for the lost opportunity the sighing man (Vic) experienced at the beginning of the poem. Each sunrise is a new hope. A golden sparrow. Or something along those lines.The journey ends with the break of sunrise.
Liked and favorited. What an accomplishment

casi 5 años

Thanks so much. Much appreciated.

Robert L. Martin
casi 5 años

Good poem, as usual. All yours are good.

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