On Turning Seventy

Soon I’d be three scores and a dime
But surely that’s no crime
Just have to alter my paradigm
Find newer ways to spend my time!
Years ago, I’d walk eight miles or so
Now I can do a couple, walking slow
Every muscle would hurt, head to toe
Spent, exhausted, can’t take no mo’
Quite a savvy driver I used to be
Eighty miles an hour I fly, feeling free
But reflexes slower, I’d likely hit a tree
Or find myself in the bottom of the sea
When young, my memory’s photographic
Now all I remember, things photogenic
Still I know lyrics to my favorite music
If ever I forget those, it’ll be tragic!
Well, soon I’d be three scores and a dime
So I need newer ways to while the time
Maybe write tall tales in verses that rhyme
Brag about the days when in my prime!
Yes, it’s been a beautiful life after all
It’ll even be better as autumn leaves fall
And I’m preparing myself for winter’s call
Writing verses about things great and small!
© Vic Evora

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