‘twas dark at break of dawn;
with just a hint of light
a faint glow, at the edge
of the dark frothy sea
the sun started as a red ball
rising to end the night
shooting brilliant rays
as far as one can see…
then it rose above the water
gaining brilliance
the rays getting stronger
illuminating the sky
the black sea turned indigo;
waves appeared to dance
to welcome the new day;
the blessings from on high.
as the sun climbed to the heavens
it hid behind the clouds;
and for a moment the world
lost its life-giving rays…
but the ray’s reflections
wowed the awe-struck crowds!
and the cumulus of many colors
never cease to amaze…
soon the sun rose half-way
up the sky, now cerulean,
the clouds turned white,
fluffy, streaky, willowy
the sea now in lighter shades,
from indigo to cyan
the day’s beauty on display,
for all prayerful eyes to see…
the birds started to fly
in the stiff breeze
and the coconut trees
swayed in harmony
we stood there watching,
our spirits serene, at peace
it’s nature’s majesty,
it’s our Maker’s symphony…
© Vic A Evora


At a recent family reunion at a beach resort, my siblings and I, nephews and nieces, all woke up whilst still dark, to watch the sunrise - to take photos and videos, and to pay homage to one of nature's wonders...

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