Frantically, he went up the Arts and Sciences lobby
To get the remaining cards for math and chem classes
When an angel in blue jeans cast him into a zombie
What a beauty! An apparition, a vision for all ages
A freshman, she’s registering for the first time
Like an eagle, he swooped down a seemingly easy prey
But she shot him down, from here to a faraway clime
Obliterated his ego! And laid his carcass on display
She ignored him, he didn’t even merit a look
In short, she hurt him, chewed him up, spat him out
Were it not for gin and friends he’d never have shook
The pain and sublime humiliation, there’s no doubt!
The story morphed, became legend among the brothers
The tale’s been told, retold, embellished to no end
The facts are now fuzzy not that it really matters
It has even been rumored she became his girlfriend (NOT!)
So after five decades the brothers are meeting again
He’ll hear the tale once more, to roars and laughter
He’d smile, think about her, recall the day when
He realized not all are easy prey, a lesson forever
© Vic A Evora



A true story...

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Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
almost 4 years

Only a women asserting her power. Obviously she did not return the feeling. I think the gent handled it in a very classy way --- "He’d smile, think about her, recall the day when
He realized not all are easy prey, a lesson forever.--- Now that is having class.........

almost 4 years

Thanks Ingeborg :)

Nelson D Reyes
about 4 years

Brod, Hook Up 101 - eye contact matters.
Funny tale indeed, more hilarious as it got fuzzier!

about 4 years

Thanks brod...

over 4 years

Thank you :)

over 4 years

Moving poem

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