Aaaah, the twilight of my life
The winter of my existence
The good years left, just a few
The numbers are dwindling
Faster than a runaway train
This life -
A candle aflame but flickering
Swaying in the twilight breeze
Hold back the clock,
Freeze time; oh, if only
Ten thousand more tomorrows
Wistful, futile
Sadly, my sunsets are numbered
And for good measure
There’s one less sunrise for sure
Nonetheless I’ll cherish what’s left
For my senses shall be keener;
The sunsets shall grow
More colorful, more majestic
With each passing day
But as the days vanish
My bucket list grows longer
For as one is checked off
Two more are added on, so it seems
Thus, in the end
My list shall be a mile long,
Before I hit the bucket...
And I’m content with that!
© Vic Evora 07-11-202

The photo is from Halstatt, Austria from the spring of 2019. One of the most beautiful places I have seen in Europe.

After seeing Halstatt, I have added Liechenstein and Andorra to my list. Hoping this pandemic will be over so we can travel again.


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Robert L. Martin
25 days

I have a real big bucket list. I hope to complete most of it before I go.

25 days

Go for it!!

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