Just for Laughs...
She lay in bed few moments afterglow
Not mindful of a strange bedfellow
Not itsy-bitsy tiny
Definitely not shiny
And it’s crawling in her fluffy pillow
Oh, she opened her eyes ever so slow
Firstly fear, horror of horrors follow
Her voice a little whiny
She jumped up to her heiny
Screaming loudly till she can’t swallow
She yelled, sounded as if the seas bellow
And got up quickly, her face not mellow
Rats! She landed on a knee
Right on her stuffed bunny
The not so itsy bitsy vanished below!
So she grabbed something but it was hollow
A ball she thought was just a marshmallow
So hilariously funny
She run around all loony
For a spider’s truly a strange bedfellow!
© Vic A Evora

A limerick in form and spirit...

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Oh please not in the bed.
Reminds me of Little Miss Muffit. I'd rather be up like she was.
I'm sure your wife would too. This is funny.

over 4 years

Thank you

almost 5 years

Made me laugh! ... awesome.

almost 5 years

Glad you like it. :) And thanks for liking

J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

I have tried a limerick since reading yours. How are you so witty? I'm still trying to be witty enough to make it work. It was my next challenge.

almost 5 years

Thank you Jenifer.

I'm so witty I always get in trouble hahaha :) :) . With my mother and now with my wife.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 5 years

Remember back in the day in Manila when we were kids
playing with spiders, big and small ones? We caught them from the weirdest dark places and put them in match boxes keeping them agitated and then let them out to fight with other kids' spiders for a
wager. Fun back then but poor critters, we were mean!
Thanks for this bouncy limerick.

almost 5 years

Oh no, not me. We were more into catching tadpoles. LOL

Thanks for liking this limerick.

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

A spider for a bedfellow. That was funny

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