Vertical Horizon

Just for Laughs...
How I love to dance! To waltz the night away
To trot with the foxes, in steps so very quick
A lift here, a swing there, and many a twirl
Perhaps a dip, a sashay and a high leg kick!
The music’s within me, the beat’s in my soul
I feel my body move when I hear the first note
In rhythmic vibrations, electric sensations
Up in the stratosphere, I feel myself float!
I hum the melody, it courses through my veins
And my being harmonizes with the musical beat
For me, dancing is always the vertical expression
Of a very horizontal longing for romantic heat!
Horror of horrors, dancing was never in my genes
For sadly, with two left feet I have been born
When I dance, my left steps on the other left foot
And others too; thus I become an object of scorn
Yes, dancing’s a major obstacle; a vertical horizon
So distant an objective, my naked eyes fail to see
No eagle wings have I, to fly over the lofty goal
Only in dreams, I ain't a two-left-footed me!!!
© Vic A Evora

I simply love oxymorons. I think they are humorous and ironic. Vertical horizon is my favorite oxymoron, and I have always wanted to write a poem using it.

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