Where the sea meets the sky
At the edge of nowhere
Where the ocean drops to an abyss,
I hear sounds of mirth and laughter…
For a kingdom lies there
Mysterious and mystical
Breath-taking and fantastic
Ethereal and truly magical…
A golden castle sits atop a hill
Its tower surveys the vast domains
Fields of green and winding streams
Orchards and ice-capped mountains…
Over there, it is always spring
Neither hot nor cold; flowers bloom
Rains once a week, on Thursday night
Verily, it is heaven’s anteroom…
The denizens are warm and welcoming
Smiles encouraged; frowns not allowed
Royals rule with benevolence
Loved by all, there’s no doubt…
I have been there many a time
When I was but a little child
I would stay there for many hours
When nights are dark and wild…
Every time I go, I wanted to stay
But sadly, I always have to leave
When the sun rises and morning comes
Sadness filled me but I did not grieve…
For I knew evening is but hours away
I could go back, visit paradise again
See beauty; marvel at all the wonders
Laugh and frolic in the tree-lined plain…
When I grew up, I visited less and less
For the dark nights scared me no more
Finally the portals to the kingdom closed
I wore out my welcome heretofore…
Now, I am at the winter of my life
I reminisce about those days, and I sigh
Every time I look at the far horizon
Where the sea meets the sky!
© Vic A Evora


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Nelson D Reyes
plus de 3 ans

A fairytale dream, Brod, wonderland, magical kingdom! We can still go back there, we are young ever and the world is our kingdom.
Dream and let dream! Thanks for this Brod. Like

plus de 3 ans

Thank you Brod for reading/liking.

There is another poem I wrote about dreams/fantasies somewhere here. It's called "Winter Afterglow".

J Ann Crowder
Environ 4 ans

I remember having quite the imagination too. Those were awesome days!

plus de 3 ans

Sorry, late reply. Thank you for liking.

plus de 4 ans

Hi Charlotte, I read a lot of fairy tales, stories of knights and chivalry when I was still a child. And so I dreamed about them a lot at that time. Yes the place is imaginary, but to the mind of a child, it seemed so real.

Thanks for liking...

Charlotte B. Williams
plus de 4 ans

Is this a description of a real place you went as a child as you imagined it to be ? or is it imaginary. I like the picture and title very much, that alone is beautiful

Environ 5 ans


R. L. McCallum
Environ 5 ans

It sounds like a place where poets meet.

Environ 5 ans

Thank you!
I'm sure I saw you there LOL.

R. L. McCallum
Environ 5 ans

Beautiful piece. I think I've been to the same place. I love it!!!

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