I am a very passionate winsome lad,my name is Vusumzi Mathews Sono born in the year of 1989 the 28th of December and I was born here in South Africa at a place called Cape Town,grew up in Eastern Cape.Vusi is a nickname coming from my full name Vusumzi and Oulik is just a nickname given by friends it is a Afrikaans name and it means "cute" .I never knew that one day I would be enthusiastic about poetry,but I loved writting since primary school,but then we used to just write songs that didn't even make sense but because I've never had an easy life as a child so I took out my emotions on writing as I was writing I noticed that everything I wrote was just poetic even at school when we were suppose to do orals,presentations or just anything I ended up flowing poetically,then that is when I found my first love "POETRY" inspired by roman ancient movies and some of Celine Dion's songs e.g the titanic song.

open minded,passionate,patriot a very positive thinker,loves pen and paper