No weight, no strength,
No good, no wealth
Nor chances dealt,
No oath, no plan
Nor having felt
In time, in luck,
Nor seeking help,
No greed, no needs,
No love concedes
Un-truth, un-wished,
No starlight leaves.
In ruin, in worry,
In confined hurry;
Seize the world and create,
Inhabit, inhale, intake.
Seize your world and create,
Seize your essence and forsake faith,
Inhabit, inhale, intake.
Know your strength,
Know your good,
No, you’re good,
No, you’re strength,
And know thyself.


For the alone.
(Second draft)

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oltre 5 anni

this is my comment i had to delete that account. i doubt this is need to know for you I'm just making sure you knew it was not a guest

oltre 5 anni

I loved this poem .. I wish I had something intellectual to say but I don't .. Like always when I like a poem all I can say is that

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