Follow the voice of darkness
Rebellion against heaven
Seemed like such a good idea
But merely a reckless endeavor
Somehow you thought you could stand against your maker
Cast down, the consequences you will suffer
Those damned angels can never lay a hand on me
Forever in Hell because the devil they please
A life of glorious rights
Shunned just for darker light
Treading on very thin ground
Breaking through, tore yourself down
Their light turned to darkness
Angels become demons
Courage turned to faithless
Angels without reason

This one is about the fall of the angels that decided to follow Lucifer in his rebellion against God. Lucifer was the the angel in charge of heaven's musicians. But when he rebelled against God and heaven, God exiled to earth him and the angels that decided to follow Lucifer. I use the word "damned" with a twofold meaning: first, I am generally using the definition of eternal banishment, and second, I am less so expressing my anger towards those angels that so ignorantly chose to follow Satan instead of God, becoming demons and giving into the darkness. The use of the word "damned" is actually contextual. They are cowards that gave up such a bright and holy life and purpose just for rebellion and darkness. It is incredibly disappointing. Please try to understand that I am not using that word without a right and true purpose.

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Azur White
over 5 years

Beware, not all love is safe. Read my poem called "So Far Left To Go". Love has it's own side of evil.

Sarah Connelly
over 5 years

Good, remember love conquers all even evil.

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