So I haven’t been posting any poems for awhile, but that’s because I am currently working on writing music for four of my pre-written poems. I am going to attempt to start a music project, something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a long time. I’m going to be starting with the Era Seven concept series. So far I am working on putting music to Era Seven, Authority Hoarders, America’s Number One Enemy, and Pour. I’m hoping that I can actually get somewhere with this project. I’m still trying to think of a name for the project.
I’m also attempting to write one or two more poems to post, but unfortunately writer’s block will eventually get in the way at some point, but I will definitely try to get more written and posted.

For those of you that know about the Legend of Zelda series and franchise, over time I have written poems/songs based on the different Zelda titles. I also plan to possibly have another side project exclusively for these poems, as cheesy as that sounds. I will be posting the Zelda poems/songs as the Hero of Time concept series. What can I say, I’m a hardcore Zelda fan.:P

Thank you for reading and following!
If you ever find a poem of mine that you really like and think other people you know might like it as well, please by all means share the poem to your Facebook Timeline or Twitter!
Thank you once again, happy writing, and God bless!:)

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