Veil Of Insecurity

Why do I hide you ask?
I’m not sure I can say...
I just can’t help the fact
That I feel you won’t stay
If I reveal myself to you
Let’s just say
You won’t like what you see...
I’ve been torn down by their abuse
I’m afraid
And it’s caused me to flee
Don’t look at me
'Cause all you’ll see
Is my weak personality
Don’t look at me
I must retreat
Behind my veil of insecurity
I would love to open up
But I’m scared I’ll stutter
Proving that something’s up
So why should I bother?
I don’t know what to do
Why can’t I do anything right?
Why are things this way?
Would it be better to just die?
Why would you want to see
Someone as weak as me?
...please don’t leave

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