I’ve tried to find
The answers to this life
Try as I might
I will never realize...
This is not my home
Where is there left to go?
Searching, keep searching
Let one with wisdom solve the meaning
Searching, keep searching
Because the answers are beyond me
Why can’t I see
The true plan behind this?
I can’t perceive
Why they all persist
I’ve seen this whole earth
The point of it unsure
Searching, I’m searching
We don’t have much time before we leave
Searching, I’m searching
But the answers are far beyond me
How I wish to know
Even a sliver of knowledge
Of what is to come
Not a fancy show
Nor perception of another
But of the kingdom... itself

Published 1:08 AM, 3/3/15

These words have been in my head for awhile and I just really needed to get them into text form. I wrote this on the spot. It wasn't really planned except for the few lines that I had constantly going through my mind lately.

I am merely human. I will never know the true answers to life. None of us will ever find the answers while we are on this earth.
This earth is not my home and it never will be.

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