How much longer?
How much time is left?
I can’t linger
In this place of death
My sanity
It’s suffocating
My faithful plea
Is that I be freed
I’m moving on
I’m letting go
There’s nothing left for me here
One place to go
In my sanctuary
Tears and pain
Fears and stains
Are washed away
In my sanctuary
No more strife
Just pure life
Forever safe
I can’t handle
The sight of their pain
All the people
Forced to live afraid
I want to save
The ones I fear for
But on that day
We will meet our Lord
So why does this have to be my only home?
When is it my time to go?
I know there’s more to this than what we can see
A place of eternity

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

I believe the afterlife would be the only sanctuary. The home is just a resting place.

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