Once the two witnesses of truth pass
The dark ones will have their time at last...
Or so they thought!
There’s still a battle to be fought
Though overtaken by dark sin
They will rise again!
Baphomet and the Prophet
They will burn in Hell
Babylon and the Serpent
They will burn in Hell
This is truth
The godless and the vacant
They will know this well
The masses that killed blatant
They will know this well
This is truth
An earthquake will destroy their city
Seven thousand dead with no pity
An army awaits
With orders to smite the dark ones
Their plans laid to waste
They know they just can’t win the throne
Flock, don’t be deceived!
God, reveal them please!
Don’t let them be seduced by Babylon
Don’t let them suffer at Armageddon
Don’t let the Prophet breathe the lies he sells
Don’t let the Serpent drag them straight to Hell

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