Author Update 16

Unfortunately, my iPod was dropped into a sink full of dish water...
They say to let it sit in rice for 48 hours to let the rice suck out all of the moisture.
I’m really hoping it still works because all of my notes/songs/poems are on that device:/
As a result of this little accident, the writing of the 8th and final poem for the current concept series has been delayed.

The 8th and final poem (though technically it’s the 7th poem since I’m saving the unrevealed 6th poem for last) will be about the deception of self-image and the desire to be what we are not or can’t achieve; basically the desire for perfection of one’s self, something no human will ever achieve.

I will be posting both poems together on the same day.
It may be awhile before I start another concept series, but who knows.

Also on a less important note, I will also be changing my profile picture when I am able to use my iPod again. I try to change up my profile picture every now and then to keep my page “fresh” (as cheesy as that sounds). I also try to change it to something new each time I am working on a new concept series. It’s just an extra little artsy thing I like to do:)
(The app I use to edit the photos I post for my profile pictures is called Snapseed. It’s available on the iTunes Appstore, and possibly the Googleplay store as well.)

Thank you for reading and following:) God bless.

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