What’s this?
Rolled up bliss
Just one flame
Enjoy the stench and taste
Hmm, strange
It seems nice
One more try
My friend burns my mouth dry
But in all reality
I can’t see a thing
I don’t want your happiness
Keep your petty weakness
My dealer
Is a healer
Mmm, yes
One more drag
Easing nerves
But where’s the point of that?
So good
Another breath
Happy time
Then comes the dance with death
It’s true, happiness can’t be bought
The kind I have
It has no price, no sky high cost

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about 5 years

I like monster or whispers in the dark sick of it is good too

Azur White
about 5 years

Yesh! ^_^ Favorite song by them? Mine's probably either Sick Of It or Circus For A Psycho.

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