So I’ve just completed the Dark Side concept series. I can honestly say that this was probably the most difficult, and most painful, concept writing process I’ve ever experienced.
These poems that are in the Dark Side concept series are based off of the many bad experiences I’ve had since the end of August (2015). I’ve experienced heartbreak, negativity, subjection and acceptance, depression, a lot of what some would some would call “bad luck”, and just pure loneliness. A lot has happened within just the last few months. It has not been easy at all.
This series took longer to complete than expected, but I felt it necessary to let it be drawn out longer so that I could continue to experience things and hopefully come to an at least somewhat positive or subtle conclusion. Some goals of mine regarding this series was to write as cryptically as possible, write with no filters, and to ultimately bring out my darker side in writing. I’m not fully sure if I achieved that or not, but I’m hoping I did.
Life’s just been a crazy roller coaster for me lately and I’m still not really sure where I am in life right now. But, even so, I will still carry on. Even if I continue in the “dark side”, it will not stop me from striving towards the dawn. I will see the dawn.

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