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End Of The Road

To all my brothers, to all my sisters
To all the people I never truly knew
And all the ones that I wanted to meet
This is my farewell letter to you
I had so much more I wanted to do
But now the season’s changed and I can’t go on
Winter’s arrived and death is on the rise
Please come see me before the chance is gone
I have no regrets and I have no shame
My only fret is that they’ll never know Your name
Come near
Hold my hand
'Cause now it’s my time to go
Don’t fear
This is the end of the road
Whether you cared or whether you tried
It doesn’t really matter or suffice
I know who and where my kin truly are
Waiting beyond the blankets of dying stars
What happens when I take that bullet?
What happens when I suffocate?
Will you be there when the pain sets in?
Or will you have already died again?
Let go of all the sorrow
Don’t let it carry on tomorrow
Don’t worry, he still loves you
He will await patiently for you

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