Oh flock, may you listen and heed
There is a secret beast that feeds
Feeds on our blood, fear, and blind souls
But without his mark he has no hold
Let not yourselves be branded
Otherwise you have handed that beast the key to your shackles
But wait, there is a second symbol
One which causes the dark to tremble
I will take the mark that you hate so much
I will hate the dark that you praise and trust
I will become marked by the slaughtered lamb
The beast will do what he must
To earn your everlasting trust
Wearing as many masks as he can
You that falls for this is a dead man
How can they fall so easily
For something with such a black sheen?
The so called “sovereign” savior’s cull
It’s true deception with mercy nulled
Not I...
I am marked
By light
My shepherd

Inspired by Wovenwar's song "Matter Of Time".

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