Come one, come all
It’s just the beginning of it all
Come see the world
Listen to the rumored truth it hurls
Move in and make this your new home
It’s the place everyone lives now
Be ready to bow to the throne
'Cause it’s here you’re forever bound
This is the age when all lights fade
These are the days the wicked reign
Welcome to era seven
Welcome to the fall of men
Prepare for the time of your life
Beware, you’ll more than likely die
It’s liberty
With no compassion or boundaries
Won’t cost you much
Just your soul and your undying trust
Everything you wanted in life
Right here on a silver platter
Handed to you, now dine on blight
Your body will only shatter
What a waste this turned out to be
Just a play
Now you’ll never leave
A show that makes this time seem great
Once we’ve learned the truth, it’s too late

This one is about the end times and fall of humankind. It's somewhat straight forward but also somewhat cryptic and I think that is something I struggled with while writing this one; I wanted it to be cryptic, but also to be easy to understand.

We are currently in the seventh time period that comes before the great tribulation, and it is the final as well. Countries are crumbling. Governments are failing. It's turmoil, but on a smaller scale than it will become soon. But we attempt to hide this fact behind a facade of happiness, success, and prosperity. We will always attempt to make life seem good by conforming to the world's processes, opinions, and cultures. But in time, all this "goodness" will come to a destructive miserable end. Those that were deceived will realize what is going on and attempt to change, but by then it will be too late.

In the chorus, what I mean by "die" is not literal, though in some circumstances it could be literal. I actually mean dying spiritually and morally.

I honestly wish I could explain this to a longer extent, but if I did, this would be paragraphs long. I don't want to bore you readers so I will keep it short.

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over 5 years

Classic tale of "everything that glitters ain't gold". Nostomania is the only thing that comes from chasing the light, but by that time, like you said, it's too late.Nicely done friend.And as for the "Notes" where you breakdown the poem, I've run into the same dilemma -with my more cryptic poems, the breakdown becomes more long winded. What I did (and do now) with my notes, that are borderline periphasis, is put the in the "Analysis" section. Hope that helps!-Duce

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