What happens when the world ends
And we still aren’t the best of friends?
I never had one like you before
I’m sorry, but I can’t feel it anymore...
We are not the same
We have both been changed
In too many different ways
You took the left path
I took the right path
Don’t you see you’ve gone astray?
It’s clear today...
We’ve gone separate ways
I’ve always been there for you, don’t you see?
All I ask is that you do the same for me
Deep down I will always be your best friend
Before we die, I want to meet you again...
My old friend
In Heaven

Saying goodbye to a once best friend is hard...

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circa 6 anni

I feel ya there. I lost my best friend recently also, I'm sorry. That is a pain no one should have to endure. Powerful words, clear message, beautiful poem.

Cory Garcia
circa 6 anni

A beautiful way to convey a powerful sentiment

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