When Everyone Has Died

A walk along this graveyard path
Causes reflection to old times
When life was full of light, no wrath
When people used to look on high
Corrupt ambitions tied the noose
Enforcement had pulled the trigger
Never wanted a simple truce
The faithful were trampled under
When everyone has died
Only then I realize
I am all alone
Once everyone has died
I just cannot deny
I want to go home
Another day in this wasteland
Darkness overflowing this place
Striving to survive in the end
Hoping to find someone’s embrace
And when everyone is dead
Then what will there be left?
All the light will have faded
Then comes the wait for death

This one was inspired by Demon Hunter's new song, The Last One Alive.

It's somewhat of a post-apocalyptic setting, where all the followers of Christ have been killed off and none of them remain, except the one lone survivor in the chorus.

The first verse talks about "walking along a graveyard path". What I mean by this is not a literal graveyard, but the world itself. This world will, and in some cases already is, become a graveyard to all the believers in Christ. This country was once a believing country, founded on Christianity. But all that has gone over time.

The second verse talks about the martyring of Christians. The corrupt ambitions of this country's government and citizens are suffocating us Christians in a sense of keeping us quiet and away from hearts in need of guidance. The enforcement of these ambitions will eventually start overtaking us believers. We will slowly be erased out of the picture. What I mean by "never wanted a simple truce" is the fact that this world just doesn't want us around. They are in constant conflict with the Christian faith and are too stubborn to just stop what they're doing and listen to reason. They "trample" over us Christians by fighting back with their secular ways of life.

The chorus is the "survivor" realizing that he is the only one left and just wants to be finished with this wicked world.

The second verse is kind of similar to the first verse. The "wasteland" is this world, what it will become. It will be overflowed with evil. The "survivor" attempts to find any other survivors but is unsuccessful. The last line says "someone's embrace". What I mean by embrace is acceptance or support. He hopes to also find anyone that might be willing to change and accept Christ in these final days.

The chorus is kind of straight forward. Once all the believers have gone, what good will there be left on the blackened earth? The light will be long gone and the death of the wicked will then take over. It's all merely a part of God's ultimate plan.

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