Perception has become clouded with pride
Holding onto ignorance and retaining lies
When taught to let go, I refuse to grow
With knowledge that could help me love
My speech lashes out like a burning whip
Tearing away the skin of all my kin
My actions annihilate their soft hearts
Causing desires to depart from me
I must let go of what does not benefit
I need to release, get rid of it
Anger takes over my compassionless mind
Brewing hatred with love now left behind
After being captured, I blame it all on you
How can I truly love with this point of view?
Submission to the truth
Has never been more simple
To let go of ruthlessness
And transform with humbleness

This one generally addresses anger, especially the anger felt after we are caught doing wrong.

The first verse talks about that very anger clouding the ability to perceive truth, causing us to ignorantly hold onto the idea that we were right in what we had done when it really was not. When we're taught to let go of this anger, we should take it into consideration and not hold grudges against those that we love and hold dear.

The pre-chorus talks about the consequences of this anger and the retaliation we have afterwards. Harsh words and actions can hurt the hearts of loved ones, sometimes even causing them to want to keep away from you. It is very sad and regrettable I can admit.

The chorus is pretty straight forward, saying that this anger will never benefit our lives, and therefore must be gotten rid of.

The second verse talks about the anger causing us to lose compassion and love for the ones that merely wish to correct us so that we do not make the same mistake twice. We should not place all the blame with the person righteously correcting us. Where is the love within that point of view?

The bridge is pretty straight forward as well. Submission to the truth, so simple and easy, yet rarely remembered.

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