For a greedy man shallow man Richard Simpson

I started a local Facebook group
I started a group in Facebook about the place I live,
And then I let people from all across the area in.
It was just a quick idea something the people of the area
never had I didn’t really know that people would think of me good or
So the weeks went by the Facebook group was doing well
Until one day a guy said something about a community group
it didn’t go down well. He argued and argued at every word I said until one day he
got inside my head. The next day he tied to make me look stupid and argued again
that day I couldn’t stand it any more so I blocked him right away.
Then one Sunday afternoon on a sunny day one of my admins
deleted a post away, I questioned about this post she said it didn’t matter then
a member of the group started to inform me about this matter.
It was the guy who I had deleted and blocked away he only
had gone and made a group with nearly the same name,
the reason for this is because he had no brains to think of a name
As the weeks went on   it seemed like every day all
the members of  my group was join his group each and every day.
Little did i know he was emailing them to join his group sad man really to join his troupes
A week later and my group is as quiet as it can be the only
one who is talking is really only me.
Now people talk about me behind my back each day as I get on
the bus people used to talk now they turn there backs
I hear stories about me. I take no notice of them the one thing I know for sure I will never do a local group again that’s for sure
So the guy I blocked and deleted has now his Facebook group
he even has my members and now he thinks he’s a very important bloke in the world
he’s got all the community workers and
even councillors to it’s a wonder how many strings he can pull to help get on
in life and maybe help his money and greedy business too.
© Copyright 2014 Allan Robinson


As the peom says started a Facebook group with 300 members and who I thought were frinds, untill one day each of the members were emailed and taken away, little do they know they are lining the guys pockets with money

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