Its my one hundredth  poem got here at last,
Lots of my poems was of my past.
Some of them good some were bad,
And some of them I written when feeling sad.
Most of my poems are written from the heart,
Its always a good place where poems start.
I have wrote about love and some of hate,
As stupid as it seem I’ve wrote about dates.
I have written things to put smiles on your face,
Some of my poems people say are an utter disgrace.
For the person I am writing about its told to your face.
My poems are about feelings some about love,
Some more about bad and some about good.
But no matter what you read its on my page,
I don’t really care I put it down to age.
I hope you have enjoyed my poems they are all free,
To read the poems on this page all written from me.
If you don’t like my poems then why read at all,
Because most people who read them are having a ball.
Its my hundredth poem and its not my last,
So keep on reading we will have a blast.
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson


Its my one hundredth poem had to finish it today a quick one

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