Not to miss the Mrs Shrimp Christmas special

Her name was Mrs Shrimp, she was always wearing pink, all she did was think and have an alcoholic drink. She used to be married to man that used to drive a van, she said she had carried for him for years in her unstable marriage with lots of  miserable tears. Then one day the big split she said the man was a git because he used to drink when she was on the brink, when all she did was think with her alcoholic drink wearing her colour pink.

Then Mrs Shrimp had a relationship with a woman something that she could never govern, she  never was gay, she declared it later in the day, when the woman partner took all her money and ran away, the affair had only started and the two women had parted.  
She used to be a dreamer but now she is a cleaner, working in a garage, at a school at night but she always looked a sight with black cheap leggings that were tight.

Mrs Shrimp’s sex life was so confusing her husband only had sex when he was boozing, so she did not know if she was straight or gay, but the woman in her life took her money soon ran away.   So all she was left with was her thoughts to think and the alcoholic drink and to dress in that silly girl y colour pink.

Mrs Shrimp met a man one day, on the bus on a very lovely hot day, then she went away for one long week on an expensive holiday, with plenty of alcoholic drink she sat there all in pink waiting for someone to give her the wink in her pink bikini with all her varicose veins she looked really dreary. Her husband and the woman partner said that she was not adventurous or good having sex in bed, but her boyfriend later said it was all in her head and could she turn that bloody colour pink into red. She always felt unstable until the drinks were put on the table.

One week later came back to her little home where she lived on her own,  all the  lovely neighbours who thought she was outrageous knowing she was never dangerous and talked about her when her back was turned that was something she never learned.
When Mrs Shrimp opens her front door, Please can you leave your shoes by the door not to dirty my sparking clean lino, that was laid on all her  floors, the lino is in every room she sweeps it clean with a broom.  look at Mrs shrimps face not a hair or make-up out of place, everything is pristine clean like she’s living in a cleaners dream. But not far from the kitchen sink its all stacked up is her favourite alcoholic drink.

She likes to look at face-book every night to see if people have seen her photos then clicked like. Mrs Shrimp talks to strangers on line and adds them as friends list every time, while posting her  favourite  photos and thinking she’s doing fine and drinking her large Chardonnay golden wine.

Mrs Shrimp always enjoyed taking pictures of towns, houses, villages and other places she had found, she would walk miles and after looking all around, for the perfect picture she thought she had found. Then hoping she could take the picture with out her alcoholic shake. Her man would tag along being nattered winged and nagged at all day long. Mrs Shrimp was dressed in her favourite colour pink and after all the walking she wanted another drink so she would  find a public house for another alcoholic drink.

She was always insecure and knocking at her boyfriends door when all she did was think with her brain full of alcoholic drink. Then She accused him of jumping into bed with a lifelong friend she said. It was not long before they parted the relationship really never started it was only for a few weeks and it was always looking bleak. Mrs Shrimp always wearing pink always trying to think and still always drinking them alcoholic drinks.
Today she will be still the same and telling people all in vain that the drinking has all gone and this poem is completely wrong. Everyone who knows about the woman who thinks drinks and loves to wear the colour pink
© Copyright 2014 Allan Robinson


It was a short relationship and an alcohol every time we met


A woman I knew not so long ago

Alcoholic, Drink, Pink, Think

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Allan Robinson
over 6 years

Thank you I appreciate your comments my friend I will be adding more later

over 6 years

thats so bad having to drink that much..sounds like someone needs help.and as for pink its ok on babies and small girls...not a grown woman

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