“Love, It makes the world go round” is sung as you’re a child in the classrooms.
In junior high, love is heard to be something that can either mend you or break you.
In high school, you get a taste, or sometimes a full 3 course meal, about love:
how it breaks you;
how it can mend you;
how jumping in too quickly can be a little too destructive;
how silence doesn’t help speak your unrequited love;
how that girl in your chemistry class doesn’t even look at you,
but you see her as the sun, moon, and all the stars in the sky;
or how that boy in front of you in math class only turns around to ask you what day it is and how you want him to ask you how you are and fall in love with you;
You learn desire and sometimes passion;
You learn innocence and kindness.
And as you grow up to be an adult,
the lessons follow you and the build and build up to the soul you are now.
Maybe now, you’ll make the right choices in who to love;
But maybe you’ll always be a reckless and passionate lover to those who break you and break you into a million pieces until you grow cold.

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