Do you see my exterior and marvel
at its ability to capture the weak pupil?
If my skin is but a blanket to cover
you on your lonely nights of desire
then leave my presence.
Look at me and desire to
dissect my brain to find my most horrid
memories that I cannot face alone, and
walk me through the eerie graveyard (my mind) with
your hand in mine whispering “It’s okay”.
Look at me and desire to
open the doorknob where my eyes used to
lie on my face, wanting to enter the world
of perilous ghosts that have lingered in
my soul, and sleigh the hungry monsters
relentlessly pulling me in their darkness.
Look at me and desire to
remove my ribs to reach my fragile beating
heart full of dark secrets, fear and uncertainty.
Place upon it a healing kiss that will render
it impervious to all that tries to break it.
Look at me and desire to
stay by my hopeless side when I begin to drown
in melancholic oceans, as life will have overwhelmed
my delicate being.
Look at me and desire to
kiss my mouth much ardently and never feign
your love for me, for I will always be true.
Look at me and desire to
accept all about my being that I wish to replace
with something greater. Love me when my demons
begin to claw at my vision, leaving the world in my
perception to be horrifying and empty.
Look at me and desire to
tell me that I am Enough and all that you need
and could ever want when I look at my sorrowful
reflection and begin to believe otherwise.
Please, I ask of you
(whomever shall be bewitched by my presence)
do not desire my exterior until you have fully
dissected my interior because I can assure you
my darkness will remorselessly swallow you whole.

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Matt Craig
más de 7 años

Some truly great lines in this

Ally Rey
más de 7 años

thank you very much :)

james matthew coleman
más de 7 años

Warning noted. ..... Great piece.

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Cory Garcia james matthew coleman

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