A sense of error and sin,
Everyone falls short at some point.
Enjoined to tolerate people\s short-comings.
Lovingly seeking to persuade them of the truth.
A Mastermind– an orgy of bloodshed.
Vivid symbols of mindless murders.
Our values become so inverted.
Rebellious, completely misunderstood.
A Dangerous Grace.
Moral Absolutes,
Private Convictions.
Do not give in–
But Rebel,
and if they don’t hear you, just rebel again.
Indulge– In those dangerous drugs.  
No moral comments, just sit and watch.
Confide in something...
More sure than this pain and struggle.
The end justifies the means.
An Amazing Admission.
And Transcendent.
Standards to guide your conduct?
It seems as if there are none.
A reasonable revolution.
A unique history– independence.
Break free of these chains,
Loosen this tourniquet.
And we shall turn a new leaf,
A new beginning,
A new life-style, with new meaning.
I burrow my way to a new time,
Where Day and Night...
Now fully collide.
Sacrifice, I now Sacrifice.  
Ridding myself of the past completely,
for a new and meaningful Life.


Love, Hellos, Goodbyes, shAttered dreams

Promises broken

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