I was born to a world so vast in size
The body of a beast yet of wonderful beauty
I soar through the skies and breathe in life
To me I am the Queen of this world so wide
I will confront my enemy with my cold black eyes
If my enemy dares to challenge me
I will breathe out fire from the bellows of my soul
If I win this battle I will be of a story forever told
But if I lose, I will be disgraced and plunge to my death
What ever it be, let me be at my best.


I love Dragons, I am fascinated with them because they are of Fantasies. But to imagine soaring through the sky as one, pleases me much more. Hence my poem!


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J Ann Crowder
about 3 years

Nice fantasy poem! I am a fan of fantasy and dragons too!

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 7 years

Thank you!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

The body of a beast yet of wonderful beauty... love that line

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 7 years

Thanks hon. Because they are just a Fantasy, and they are beautiful in their own way. I have my very own Dragon Wallpaper of a beautiful Dragon. (I'm not one for tattoos etc so I'd rather write of them and have wallpapers on my iPad. Pic of my very own Dragon Wallpaper, I even named "HER". Lol. Sandi. Glad you enjoyed it. My dragons name is "Sapphire Teal"!

Debra Romero
over 7 years

I might start calling you "Dragon lady" J/K
Thanks for sharing this, I never would have took you for a Dragon fan...nice read it brought a smile and a surprise...:)

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