I have always loved my younger sister
But the stress she brought was like being in a twister
Everyone in her life was just a sounding board
Problem was she was never there to listen, she would rather ignore
When I needed her to be there she couldn’t comprehend
But if I didn’t give her attention, I surely would offend
My stress level was high, but I was afraid to let her know
I had too do a very difficult task, I had to let her go
I’ve finally learned after all those years
She was one of the reasons I cried so many tears
It’s up to me in this time of my life
That I must be the one to end this strife
If you don’t bring happiness or calm to me
Then in my life you will never be
I can’t let myself be subject to this abuse
So for me less stress is what I choose


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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
about 7 years

Thank You for your kind words. Yes a very adorable pic.God Bless my friend, Sandi

Debra Romero
about 7 years

I see your strength growing Sandi. Being yourself and standing your ground...debs~
p.s. Adorable pic

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
about 7 years

Thanks Gordon. Glad you liked it. God Bless, Sandi.

about 7 years

nice piece Sandi, really well penned. I was only child (adopted) so never had other siblings to upset me but plenty other vthings to make up for it. well done, God bless, Gordon

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