I am at the end of my rope, this man is nothing but a Bully
Can’t the courts see that he is to blame quite fully
I’ve endured 5 1/2 years of his constant mental and financial abuse
I’m afraid this will go on forever and there will never be a truce
I gave this man everything he asked for and so much more
Not fair that I keep getting thrown to the floor
Just when things look like the end is almost near
He pulls out another trick trying to cause me great fear.
Well this time I will not bend or give in to his ways
I really don’t care what the courts may say
The claims he makes are nothing but out right lies
He constantly bullies me so as if to make me cry.
This time I am going to show him that a bully is weak
He prays upon those who are kind and meek
Today I am Strong and I’m coming at him full force
If the courts won’t take care of him then I have no recourse.
He cheated on me, committed fraud against me and left me no money
He’s dragging me through the courts and he thinks this is funny
I am not amused because in him I see the Devil full of evil
He laughs and schemes his way to leave my life in an upheaval.
Look out I say to this conniver, user and certainly an abuser
One day he’ll regret what he’s done as he is nothing but a loser
He  will be forever looking over his shoulder
As there will be one who comes along and will be much bolder.
That will be the day I laugh in his evil face as he is not a man
He’s a rat and he will one day coward and not have the upper hand
He will be beaten at his very own cruel and hurtful games
Soon this Bully will know great pain as he burns in Hell’s Inferno of Flames.

I wrote this on Friday 4/17/15-as we were suppose to be done with everything on Tuesday 4/21/15. With the end closing near, my ex was making more demands to drag this ordeal out even longer. It was like the week from Hell. So on Saturday we went to see my lawyer. He told my son and I everything would work out. On Monday my ex will be coming to get all of his belongings and then Tueday we will have to go to court and sign papers and I have to pay him for his half of the house. I will get my deed and the  pension will be corrected in my favor. My ex would be responsible for reimbursing me for getting an extra $100 that should have been mine for 19 months so far and up until it gets corrected. MY NEXT POEM (MY LIFE BEGINS TODAY), follows this poem.

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 5 years

Thank You Robert. We did get all done on the 21st of April. I am still waiting for the pension to be corrected, dealing with that now. Until it's corrected I can't get the money he has to pay me back. But it's being held in his lawyers account. On that Sunday we brought all of the guns out to the garage because we were splitting them by me getting the first choice. We found out he had stolen 3 hand guns when he was forced to leave in 2010. The count was right so we never checked the guns. 2 of the guns were my sons and 1 was my grandsons rifle. So when we were 3 hand guns short we almost didn't have the exchange of guns. My lawyer called his lawyer and by magic those 3 handguns appeared the next day. Yes he is very much a scoundrel to say the least. I had to watch him and his childish antics while he took a half of the garage bay full of his stuff. Then we did the gun exchange. He is so arrogant, but I remained very, very calm throughout.i had a police come incase he got out of line. I think when he turned around and saw 2 police standing there he must have thought I was going to have him arrested for the guns. You should have seen the look on his face. PRICELESS! Oh I would have if he hadn't brought them with him from Florida where he now resides. I am so glad he doesn't live here anymore. Life is so much better now. Once the pension is corrected then I never have to think of him again. I could very much use that money being held by his lawyer. That's ok I'll get it soon. Then when I receive my check I won't think of the money I'm shorted each month. That will certainly be my last and final tie to this evil tyrant. God Bless,Sandi.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

I'm glad you're getting even with that scoundrel. It sounds like he deserves it. Congratulations.


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