If only I had a mirror every place I’d go
I could see what others see
I hope that they would like me
But I really don’t know
I try to be the best I can
But am I perfect, of course not
We are all born with Flaws
None of us are perfect
Nor would I chose to be
The very flaws that I do have
Whether inside or outside
Are what makes me who and what I am
I try not to look at a mirror like days of old
Every day it seems there’s a new wrinkle
New but not because of wisdom
More from pain, worry and suffering
Every time I cry, my face pays a price
To laugh would be a welcomed change
But when life is so full of pain
No smooth lines do I gain
I do believe it’s what builds character
Such a shame at such a cost
Whatever path I have chosen
Is mine and mine alone
Would I hope my path was different
More than I can say so
But It is what it is
All I can do is hopefully throw in a curve


We each have 2 sides to us and some should look in the mirror more to learn of their other side that others see.


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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 7 years

Thank you brother poet. Very much appreciated. Sandi.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Nicely done sister poet

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 7 years

Thank You Debra. That was actually my son who said everyone should have a mirror. So I decided to write about that. Happy Easter my friend. :

Debra Romero
over 7 years

Hello my friend this poem paints a picture to me of life's weathering heights and the pain that comes with."Whatever path I have chosenIs mine and mine alone"There is so much truth in these two lines above.I appreicate your thoughts Sandi..wonderfully said.


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