It's good to re read this when times get tough

Growing up is getting tough
and lately I’ve been in a dump
some days can be a little rough
But I’m no where near to giving up
A lot of things can change you see
And everyday that passes turns me
Into someone I don’t want to be
But that shouldn’t stop me
This negativity can’t bring me down
I can still be happy
And turn this all around
We all have our ups and downs
We all need to shed a tear
But life is to short for frowns
And to short to have such fear
It’s gonna be okay you know
These clouds will drift
And the sun will show
So when that day soon comes
Take everything and let it go

happy life growing up

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oltre 7 anni

Uplifting and inspirationalNicely done.-Duce

Cory Garcia
quasi 8 anni



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