4th of July

Bright lights,
It was suppose to be a joyous night and that’s exactly what it was
Festive flags and barbecue plans for most of the country
But not for me and my best friend, we had plans of our own
We were having a rough time just getting by
So we went to see the unkown
He handed us a Baggie
So white and pure
We drove to the store and bought red, white, and blue
We wore it around our necks to show our pride
And in the parking lot we took out my pocket mirror
And cut the white into lines
We rubbed our fingers over my debit card, which was now festive too
Then we put the tip of our fingers in our mouths and closed our eyes
Two hours later and it was about to begin
We took out our dollars and snorted it in
With a rush of energy and a nose bleed we headed towards the pond
While running through the crowd I saw something unimaginable
The colors were bursting in front of my very eyes like the did every 4th
But there was something different,
Like before it had just been in disguise

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