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Chestnut Eyes

I used to get lost in your chestnut eyes
They were golden and sparkled every time,
I miss when you would talk about what you were passionate about
That’s when I thought you were beautiful
An angel sent from the sky
Now I’m sure that you are an angel,
The devil was once too, but he had fallen
Maybe you’re the devil reincarnated
Or maybe you’re just another sinner
Who’s lost his way
I tried to help you
But it’s tearing me apart
I see your chestnut eyes daily
But they’ve lost their spark
You told me I’ve been different
But you are the cause
I have to live with the pain
Of all of our memories
That you’ve thrown away
You didn’t forget
You just pretend it never happened
But I gave you everything I could
And you seemed to do the same
Maybe I should speak up for myself
And tell you I am pained
But I don’t want to seem like that clingy girl that just
Doesn’t know how to let him go
But I need you know that my heart is breaking with every word you don’t say
And with every rumor that rustles around us
It breaks a little more because I try to deny it
But I don’t want to deny it
I thought we were in love
Maybe you didn’t mean to but you really messed me up
I was feeling fine before you entered my life
And a few months later you made me feel like I had died
I know you’re probably just confused
And don’t know what you want
And I understand that after all we are both so young
But there’s millions of ways to say how you feel
And neither one of us have found the courage to speak
So hopefully that was the last time I looked into your chestnut eyes
Because continuing to look into them is suicide

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