I’m starting over
I’m less depressed
Not fully recovered
But I feel relieved of stress
I no longer look at it as a loss for me
Because you made the choice to set me free
And it used to pain me to see you talk to her
But the more I’m around it the less it hurts
And I long for the day when she goes cheating on you
And you’ll try running back to me
After all I was hung up on you
But it’ll bring a smile to my face to whisper in your ear
You had  your chance, but now it’s disappeared
You’ll no longer have control over me
You’ll hate every other girl because they can’t compare to me
And you always hated my crazy stories
But I’m laughing right now because the girl you’re into,
She's rude and boring
You threw me around and left me crying for months
But now it’s your turn to feel down, I’ve put up with enough

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