The Girl With the Eyes

I once heard a story of a girl with kaleidoscope eyes,
I bet she thinks differently;
I bet she has a different state of mind
I told you that story,
And you smiled into the sky
You said pretty lady,
You have kaleidoscope eyes.
I looked down at my shoes that were falling apart
And watched the ash flick off the cigarette
That was yellowing my life.
I said to him;
I don’t have a kaleidoscope life
Mine is deteriorating
My path is decay and I’m turning black.
He held me and looked into my eyes.
Darling, he said, you are a kaleidoscope
Your life reflects you and you are incredible.
When I saw his eyes I whispered to him.
He had kaleidoscope eyes,
But he said it was just a reflection of mine.

This is based off a pre- existing poem if anyone knows it please comment the name and author so I can give credit to the idea I based this off of. :)

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