Grammie– when I think of you I think how well loved you are and how you loved so many
You always have gone out of your way to help people out
When I think of you I think of midnight when we were watching Harry Potter on the sofa
We used to pause the movie halfway through to make popcorn and get ginger ale
I think of every day after school when you would pick me up and we’d watch fullhouse reruns
And  eat cheese and crackers
Grammie– I see you in every marble I find
I see how my siblings and I used to come over every Sunday after church and play marbles
I would always win and end up with the most marbles
But after we were done I would redistribute them so it was even because you taught me to be fair
I remember every Christmas helping you make the ruby red punch– it was something that I looked forward to every year
I remember how every summer when you would stop by we would drive to dairy queen or McDonald’s and you would treat me to ice cream
I remember hot July nights where you would always win a game of mini golf
I remember
And I know I always will
You’ve taught me to be patient and to work hard and taught me the importance of life
After I crashed my car you took me out to dinner, gave me a hug, and said thank God you’re okay
I don’t know what I’d do if you went away
I was scared that day of everyone telling me that I’ve been making mistakes–
But you reassured me mistakes are okay, just don’t make mistakes that could take your life away

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