Just in the Sky

Today I lit a $20 bill on fire
I held the lighter close to my face while I lit the paper
I cupped my hands to block the wind from putting out the flame
He stood behind me and brushed my hair back
Pulling it behind my ear
I could feel a smile in his breathe as his lips found my neck
And I just blew smoke up at the sky
Is this what love should be
A complete understanding of nothingness
No words ever get said
And the hurt and pain goes unnoticed
My lungs are filled
And my breathing has gotten heavy
I roll my eyes but you’ll never see
Because you only ever see me from behind
It’s a mutual agreement to never speak of the things we do under the sheets
But it must be on me because I just have always seemed
To come off as arrogant and slutty
Maybe it's the wisdom of the air thats suffocating me
That could break me out of this paper house
With walls so thin
And the floors deteriorating
Into a pool of water, where I will finally drown

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