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One day you wake up
And things start to change
You think your’e just getting older
But your hair isn’t grey
But that’s the color of you life
Because you don’t have any strength
You go to the doctor
You think you’ll be saved
But they tell you it’s in your head
There’s nothing to send away
You want them to be right
But everything is wrong
You used to be so full of life
Now the days just drag on
You think you’re promised tomorrow
Till you can’t get out of bed
You count your blessing
And remember your sins
A few years have passed
And you’re back to the labs
There’s very little left of you
It’s hard to fight back
An answer is given
One so dark
But you can’t listen
You can only dream
A life free of this grave
A horrible disease
Your heart starts to pound
Your knees are weak
What a peculiar thing to be

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