Drugged up I tried to run away
But I couldn’t find my legs
The needles had taken over them
I was dizzied and felt heavy
I couldn’t move
I could barley see
But I heard the laughter
I heard him loud and clear
But wait?
Why are there different laughs?
Had he come with more than just himself?
Three or four– that’s the number I counted before
I felt something press against my stomach
And I felt my shirt lift up
And he kissed my bare breast
While another whispered in my ear
“I wish it could be different, but he’s taking something of mine”
Was it my virginity or my dignity
I really wasn’t sure
But I haven’t been right since that day
And I never thought I would
In all honesty I’m still not absolutely sure
But who could be absolute about anything
In a dark filled world

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