Palm Trees in Safe Haven’s Sweep

I’m staring at the furnace
Thinking that these colder nights have done me wrong
It’s a place where be childhood was born
But it was cold and all wrong
I become a devil there a demon who’s allergic to the light
But now that I’ve been swept with the waves
I’ve found my safe haven
There’s are palm trees swaying around me
My NXT is lit and burning bright
I watch the ashes fall while I pull the face away from my hair
I could live here
I could get better here
I think I just might be learning how to love myself here
There’s magic in every bottle of suntan lotion
That I smell on tourists in this kingdom
I’m hoping that was I start drinking the water here
I’ll feel better than when I did yayo back in the year 2010
When I thought the world was going to write to me

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