There are some days that I just have to stop
I have to take a look at myself in the mirror
But I never like what I see
And I’m not talking about my appearance
Because I honestly couldn’t care less about that
But I feel like I’m in slow motion
Like everyone’s life is more exciting than mine
An I’m just standing still wasting time
Maybe that’s why I always see the need to be doing something
Some days I just blame it on my ADD
But it’s not my ADD, it’s just me
I don’t live an intriguing life that people write stories about
Maybe I just wasn’t meant for it
But there are so many things I have yet to discover
And me being stuck here is driving me insane
I have a tendency of getting my hopes set too high
On my distorted idea of what life should be like
But when these ideas fail me I melt into a puddle of nothingness
Until the sun comes around to dry me up
But now the sun is setting for a while
And maybe next time when it comes around
I’ll soberly think to myself, hasn’t this life been worth the wait?

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