I scratched my luck away on a tiny ticket
Fifty dollars richer but what did it get me
That’s not the luck I needed
It’s not what I had an itch for
To feel your fingertips caressing my body, even just one more time
I would die for
I think back to the nights we would drive around
You said the red lights reflected beautifully on my face
From the break lights of the car riding in front of us
But how could red lights be good for me when my heart is tar black
From the cigarette smoke you feed me
And now I’m away from my daydream of the past
And I’m kissing a bottle
Filled with vodka and schnapps
And I think of what you are doing right now
You’re probably working shooting up out back
How do I feel like I’ve lost my luck
When losing you was the luckiest thing to happen to me

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