Starting to Move On

I found your shirt in my room today
And I realized the smell of you had faded
I listened to your favorite song
And realized I wasn’t the one who did wrong
I think you’re just too busy looking for someone to make you feel numb
While that’s the only thing I ever feel
You brought me back to life
And now it’s my turn to carry my life on alone
It’s not going to be easy because of course I still miss you
And if you came crawling back to me
Without a doubt I would take you
But for now I need to accept what is
And I must now move on
And try to clear my head of all these toxic thoughts
And I guess we’ll see
Maybe I’ll turn into a better me
And I hope the same for you
I want you to be doing better to
As long as your happy and not drinking your life away
So now I’m beginning to move on
And turning to a new page

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