The Doors

Sometimes I feel like I’m Jim Morrison reincarnated
His poetic words just suit my soul like meteor showers light up the midnight sky
Sometimes I feel like I’m just living to imitate art, ceasing to exist and caught up in the colors of this world
Some days I feel like dressing in flowy white dresses and I feel like dancing around
As the sun reflects from my eyes
Some nights I want to walk the forests by myself in the dead of night
I want to hear and feel the wind and the leaves crunching around me
Somehow I want to feel– I want to be terrified of anything and everything
Jim would know this feeling I have; it’s hard to put into words but his might tell
Most days I put on my Full Circle vinyl, I drink wine chased with vodka to help clear my mind
Most days I light a cigarette and think about the words I have said
And then I hate myself a little for losing my head
I’m out of sight but I’m always in your mind, my blood red lips can’t escape your eyes
My sour sweet taste always drives you wild but you still don’t call me
Because you’re trying too hard
Today I feel like I’m opening the doors, no pun intended
But it’s time to remorse

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