Fault in Me

I dream and dream
Of something big not
Sure what it is
Could I be already dead?
Cold and hostile
Empty and grey
Insanity consumes me
Turning through these constant
Pages and
For what?
What will come of this?
Will I succeed?
Will I fail?
Falling in the dirt and
Rolling in the mud
If I could only
The dark clouds overhead
But it’s roaring loud
I can’t escape
I sit, I cry, I suffocate
I lit a cigarette and stare at the embers
Glistening and burning
The smoke rolls off my tongue
The taste is bitter and jagged
Yet I continue to fill my lungs
If my feet could carry me away
Would I still fly?
To be something other
Than the now
Is what I think
I want
Too many options
There’s a glitch in my mind
I can’t decide, I can’t decide
I can’t decide

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